5 Best Ways Of Dressing For Men In Summer 


Are you someone who doesn’t want to waste hours just to decide what to wear? If yes, you came across the right place to know that. The dressing is important but it doesn’t have to be time taking. Second, being aware of the latest fashion trends are necessary and something you should be doing unless it doesn’t sweep away time to work on your business goals.

We heard you! And for that regard, we have come up with the top 5 ways to dress up in summer that make you look attractive and strikingly classy. Let’s get ready to learn.

How To Dress In Summers: Top 5 Ways

Dressing is an art and you’re about to be an artist. In 5 summer dressing ways will help you to decide faster what to wear that is aligned with the current trend and worthy of making heads turn.

Wear Cotton Shirts 

On scorching summer days, cotton shirts are the best rescue. Cotton shirts help to keep your body cool & absorb excessive sweating that can lead to rashes, itching, and skin irritation. There are many types of shirts available in the market that are made up of cotton. But, if you’re willing to keep up with the current trend. Go for floral, multicolor, or block-printed men's shirts this year.

Style Up With Tropical Woolen Suit

Ohh… woolen suits in the summer. Well, it sounds contradicting but a tropical woolen suit is less hot and cooler than you think. These suits are designed with lightweight & breathable wool that doesn’t make you sweat in summer but yes it does make you look stunning. Pair it up with trousers.

LightWeight T-Shirts

You probably love to wear T-Shirts in summer. But not t-shirts are lightweight that help you to be cool. Choose light colors in tees and look for fabric that is thin enough to keep you cool and not transparent.

Wear Shorts

Don’t wear shorts only at home. It’s appropriate to wear it anywhere you want. Whether you’re spending your summer days on the beach, mall, or anywhere other than the office wearing shorts is great. To get the Hawaiian beachy look wear a short sleeve shirt with shorts.

Wear Blue More

Blue represents the ocean. And it helps to make you feel cooler than any other color. Although, yellow is also a great choice of color for summers if you want to wear something that looks & feels cool. Go for light blue t-shirts, blue sneakers, and shorts.


How To Look Good In Photos For Guys? 5 Styling Tips


There are many men out there who look great when they see themselves in the mirror and even get compliments from people. But, when they get their photos clicked they get nothing but disappointment. Does it occur to you as well? Fret not. We have discovered 5 Stunning styling tips that make you look great in photos. Read on to get your best pics ever.

How To Look Good In Photos For Guys? 5 Styling Tips

There is no such thing as a photogenic face. Everyone can look great in photos; they just need to learn the right facial expressions, dressing sense, and poses. So let's get ready to learn the best styling tips that would make you look super attractive in the photo

Dress According To Portraits  

First thing first. Goals need to be on the top of your mind that comes from deciding for what purpose you're clicking your photos. If you’re clicking pics on vacation or casual parties wear floral print & block prints shirts. To explore more look through the block print shirts in Jaipur.

Be Playful With Your Outfits 

Clicking photos in conventional clothing does bring newness to your look. Try out new fashion trends and create different cool looks by mixing & matching your outfits.

Wear Complementary Colors

If you want to look good in photos you need to look nice in what you wear. And, nothing can make you look good with the complementary colors. Black, blue, and maroon are versatile complementary colors. But, if you know more colors that bring your best features out. Pick them to get your best pics.

Style Your Hair & Beard 

Most attractive guys will not tell you their secret. But, the style of their hair & bread is the secret behind why they look so nice in photos. Next time when you visit a salon, get yourself a new hair & beard style according to your face shape.

Wear Fresh Sneakers 

Your shoe matter, especially in photos. If you want to get awesome casual pics. Make sure you wear sneakers that are clean.